A little bit about us

Welcome To ZURI Activewear. We are a family owned businesss operating out of Ireland’s sunny Southeast here in Waterford city. Through our parent brand, Teamkit Supply, our family has developed over 30 years of experience in the sportswear market. It has been a long standing dream of ours to use our expertise to offer a premium athleisure brand that operates out of this quietly enchanting region of Ireland.. Now this dream has become a reality and we are delighted to share it with you….


As a family of 8 we have had to deal with our fair share of mental health struggles. In the modern world we live in, the pressures of everyday life require us to take active steps to manage our mental health. Staying active physically has always been a positive outlet for us, and so we have designed a range aimed at empowering and encouraging men and women to stay active and look after both their physical and mental health.

There is a stigma surrounding  mental health in Ireland: we all should just “get on with it”. This is a real barrier to people talking about their issues. The silent suffering continues – we all know where this can lead! Having seen first hand the dangers of this we set out to create a range that caters to all shapes and sizes, and that will encourage people stay active to strengthen their mental fortitude and admit when THEY ARE NOT OKAY.

Stay Active

Staying active or keeping fit can mean different things; going for a run, lifting weights, taking a walk, playing sports, heading out for a coffee etc – we all have our outlets! Our ranges are perfect for medium to high intensity workouts and offer a unique number of features and benefits also making them perfect for everyday use. Have a mosey around and see what you like.

Our hope is that our brand can help people to stay active and keep their mental well being on an even keel so that they have the strength and bravery to SPEAK OUT when things get tough.


ZURI Activewear 

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